Loyalty programs give businesses wonderful chance that they can have repeat customers and make the customers feel valued. A loyalty program cannot be the best thing that can make customers stick to your business. This is because customers do not buy the product but they buy the brand. It is therefore good to note that in an environment where many businesses sell identical or similar products, then the brand is the best thing that you can use.

So many customers to make a mistake of building a program and waiting for its outcome. Loyalty programs are the best tools that you can use in marketing, but you have to design them in a clear way so that they are successful.

Goals of using a loyalty program

Creating a desire

The customers have to feel good when they are participating in the loyalty program. You can enhance this by getting VIP reward tier and earning points an excellent activity for the customers. When the customer looks out at the action instead of the reward, then you would have implemented the best loyalty system.

Spark conversation

A simple program is not an idea that you will brag about your friends but is the one that can enable you to get first class events. By just spreading the strategy using a word of mouth your loyalty program can grow to high levels.

Align branding

The loyalty program that you implement should reflect your brand. It is good that you align theme of your loyalty program with the objectives of your brand so that you can get it to be more efficient.

Ways of implementing a good loyalty program

1. Creative with your points

Reward point is one of the ways that can make your program to be effective. There only two ways that you can apply so that you use points in the reward program, the first way is by representing the points in a way that they can be seen and the second one is by the currency name. When the customers see what the points look like, they will be attracted to them.

It is also good that keep track if the look of your points is consistent with the theme of your site and the brand. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, it is good that you reward your customers with beauty products.

2. Be creative with ways customers earn

Typically, with the reward program, you will be awarded when you do not expect. Although it is good that you reward customers after they made a purchase, but it is not the best reinforcement as it will not create an experience that that customer will live to remember. The best way that you can enhance the experience of your customers is by rewarding points to the customers on their birthday’s. You can design your program in such way that customers are automatically awarded bonus points on their birthday. You can send an email with encouragement words followed by the points.

3. Be creative with the ways that customers are awarded.

While discounts can be a normal reward in the loyalty program, it is good that your strategy creates a significant impact to your target population. About of customers who engage in reward programs believe that the incentive that they receive does not correspond to their interests. You can implement your program in such way that you offer so many incentives such as special rewards, VIP reward tiers, and mobile experiences. Any customer who will reach the top tier will be allowed to access new products. This will create an experience that is memorable to the customers and also offer customers higher incentives of spending money and being members.

You can also use experiential rewards so that you can engage and strengthen the loyalty of your customers. In this case, you will invite some members to bid their points so that can be given some special offers such as ticket vouchers to luxurious places.

4. Support charity with reward points

According to the research by experts is that many residents in Singapore want to get more products that they can support charitable organizations. You can take an opportunity of this trend so that you can start up a loyalty program that will allow your customers to donate the points that they have gained to charity. This program has to be related to your site and donate points to events that are related to the goods and services that you offer.

5. Give your customers a status

This is one the best ways that you can differentiate your reward program as it will show where the customers stand in the program. You can offer them something that they have to straggle for and create a special group for the best loyal members. So many people like to share the idea that they belong to a special or rare group. The best way that you can start this by implementing a VIP reward program.

Customers of the month

If you come up with the customer of the month, you will get so many customers struggling to attain that goal. At the end of the month, you can announce the customer who earned a lot of points in that month. This can work well for products that are regularly bought, and their order value is average.

If the customers are given an opportunity to be seen by the audience, they will be motivated in looking for that chance. For instance, the fashion seller can reveal that the customer of that month will be highlighted in their newsletter and the customer will get a chance to talk about their favorite products and style.

This example can encourage your customers to start sharing your program with other people which in turn can make them join so that they can struggle to be the customer of that month.


It is good that you have to implement ideas that will work with your business, product, and brand so that you can have a program that is highly creative. Visit PRMMS – https://www.prmms.com and craft the best CRM service for your valuable customers today!